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The world is the point,

not the church

Diversity is

a gift from God

Respect for all religions

and atheists

We are Wedgewood - A Liberal, Open and Affirming Church

Distinctions of power, privilege and estate, which apply outside these doors, do not apply within our doors. Women, men and children; persons of any color, culture, age, ability, economic status, sexual or affectional orientation; skeptics and those who pursue common or unorthodox religious paths...........all are welcome here.

Wedgewood is a group of folks trying to walk the path of Jesus, the path of humility, the inward/outward journey; to be a social justice oriented, GLBTI inclusive, incarnational, contemplative, irreverent, ancient - future church with a progressive but deeply rooted theological imagination.  The Wedgewood theological zoo includes humanist spirituality, quiet spirituality, activist spirituality, cranky spirituality, honest faith spirituality, intellectual spirituality, a spirituality of simplicity, poor as dirt spirituality, psychologically–oriented spirituality, labyrinth spirituality, and other non-listed spiritualities which are not listed because of space requirements and because we don’t know who is arriving in the near future.

Although Wedgewoodians come from a multitude of faith traditions (Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran, United Church of Christ, Muslim, Buddhist, Baptist, Presbyterian, etc.), Wedgewood is aligned with the United Church of Christ, American Baptist Churches, USA, and Alliance of Baptists.