We can't do everything but we can do something. Wedgewood seeks to change the world by practicing equality in its life and worship, but also by participating in mission teams. We encourage the formation of new mission teams. Current missions teams/missions at Wedgewood:

Room In The Inn

Wedgewood participates in the Urban Ministry Center's Room In The Inn program. Wedgewoodians provide transportation to and from the church, prepare supper and eat with our homeless guests, serve as overnight hosts, and prepare breakfast. We do the Room In The Inn ministry on Saturday night so we can invite our homeless guests to worship on Sunday. Following worship, we have a meal with our homeless guests. Room In The Inn guests especially enjoy our annual chili contest and our annual soup contest.

(Room In The Inn Guests serving communion to congregation)

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Ministry

Wedgewood makes Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches every other Sunday after worship. Sandwiches are delivered to homeless people in Charlotte at 3 pm.

Syrian Refugee Ministry

Charity begins at home as long as the home is considered to be the planet. Our international focus currently is the Syrian refugee crisis.

Wedgewood Food Pantry-2nd Harvest Food Bank

Wedgewood also seeks to change the world by providing a labyrinth for Wedgewoodians and the public to use. The inward journey enables people to make the outward journey.

Pastor Chris seeks to change the world with his blog, Categories include: politics/current events, Jesus Comics, Goofed-up Bible (sarcasm), and People I've Known.

Wedgewood houses Transcend, a non-profit support group for the transgender community. Wedgewood has several transgender members and Pastor Chris treasures his close relationships with many transgender friends.

Wedgewood appreciates the transformative power of art. Wedgewood has an art gallery, which includes the work of several Wedgewood artists. About half of our collection is pieces from homeless artists.

Pastor Chris blogs at Categories include politics/current events, Jesus Comics (putting the words of others in the mouth of Jesus to evaluate them), Goofed-up Bible (sarcastic rewriting of Bible verses to get people to rethink and re-do church), People I've Known, among other topics.


Wedgewood houses Transcend, a non-profit which provides support for the transgender community. Pastor Chris serves on Transcend's board, and has many close, transgender friends.