I feel like I'm the luckiest pastor in the world. I am the pastor of one of the most diverse congregations in Charlotte, a beloved community which has heard from people all around the globe thanking us for our ministry and existence.  We invite you to join us as we change the world to make it a better place for all human beings and all of creation.

My wife, Vicky and I host newcomers to Wedgewood at a supper in our home the third Friday of each month at 7 pm (6132 Gate Post Road). Email me to let me know you are planning to join us for supper and inform me of any dietary considerations.

When people turn their bodies/health over to doctors/surgeons they want to be assured the doctor has the experience and skills necessary to help them.  In the same vein, before joining a church an individual wants to know the pastor will provide the care and instruction that is necessary.  With that in mind, I offer my resume to people interested in visiting Wedgewood or becoming Wedgewoodians.


Minister, Wedgewood Church, Charlotte, NC, February 1989 - present.

Minister, Bethel Baptist Church, Chapel Hill, NC, 1983 - 1989


Doctor of Ministry, Columbia Theological Seminary, 1997 (4.0 out of 4.0)

Master of Theology, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary 1985. (4.0 out of 4.0)

Master of Divinity with Languages, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, ("A" average)

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1980.


J. Lake Williams Christian Ethics Award. Presented by the faculty of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary to a student who has exhibited exceptional skill and promise in the study of Christian Ethics, 1983.


American Association of Pastoral Counselors. Reached Member level.

Presbyterian Samaritan Counseling Center Training Program, Charlotte, NC, 1992-1994.


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